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What is the difference between a painting and a print?

Paintings are made by Eli with her hands and paintbrushes, but prints (on canvas or paper) are high quality reproductions of Eli's paintings. The company that makes Eli's prints uses a high resolution photograph from a fancy photographer and print it onto paper or canvas using giclée inks.  


What is Giclee?

Giclée is the type of ink that is used to print the images onto canvas or paper. The ink has more pigment than a standard household/office printer and is archival, which means it lasts a very long time without fading.


Where can I shop for Eli's prints & products? Eli's prints and products can be found in many stores across the US and Canada however we do not currently have a complete list. 
Follow this link to shop online ~ SHOP

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Can I make art requests?

Eli is unable to make custom art, but thank you so much for asking!

Can I pick up my items in Austin?
Online orders are shipped directly from my publisher to you. Please shop online here ~ SHOP

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Are Eli's original oil paintings for sale?

Yes and you can find them here ~ OIL PAINTINGS or find out what she is currently working on HERE

Can I sell Eli's art in my store?

Yes you can sell Eli's prints and products by applying for a wholesale account with these partners here ~ WHOLESALE

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Does Eli teach art?

No Eli does not teach, but thank you so much for asking.

Can I visit Eli's art studio?

Eli's current open hours are

listed HERE 

What are some fun things to do in Austin?

Go to Barton Springs Pool, see the bats under the South Congress Bridge and eat tacos! Eli's favorite Austin tacos are Nixta and Vera Cruz at Radio Coffee. YUM.  

Where is Eli from?

Eli grew up in Alaska in Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula. You can read more about that here ~ ALASKA She now lives in Austin Texas and you can see more here ~ TEXAS

Can I use Eli's art?

Eli's art is not available for use. Read the boring legal stuff here ~ COPYRIGHT

If you would be so kind to report possible copyright infringement of Eli's art please use this link HERE 

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How do you pronounce Eli?

Sounds like "Ellie"


Why is Eli's cat named Lefse? Eli has a big Scandinavian blooded family and Lefse is a delicious potato treat. Learn and see more here ~ Meet Eli's Cat

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