Recently Sold Oil Paintings

Frog Fruit, Coral Sage And California Poppies 18x18" $950 SOLD
Santolina, Mist Flower and Bee Balm 18x18" $950 SOLD
Marigolds, Mexican Hats and Winecup Flowers 18x18" $950 SOLD
Spanish Lavender And Pink Turk's Cap 18x18" $950 SOLD
Thistles 18"x18" $950 SOLD
Primrose, Coneflowers & Desert Mallow 18x18" $950 SOLD
Sundrops, Coral Sage and Fuschias 18"x18" $950 SOLD
Figs, Sage & Flame Vine 18"x18" $950 SOLD
Rainbow Frequency 30"x40" $985 SOLD
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Eli is unable to make custom paintings but you can see what she is currently painting on the Eli Halpin YouTube Channel

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