Meet Eli's cat Lefse

Lefse   [ lef-suh ]

noun.  A round Norwegian flatbread resembling a tortilla, made with mashed potatos, cream, butter, and flour. Served buttered, sugared and folded.

Lefse is Eli's 16 year old Siamese cat. She used to have a blonde body but over time she has turned dark brown. Lefse enjoys butter, morning tea time, mirrors, hair brushing, pretty necklaces, sheepskins, beautiful chairs, velvet, patches of sun, eating bugs, chewing on curtains and howling at her toy baby Miss Mousy.


Lefse is named after a Scandinavian potato pancake that is a really big deal in Eli's family. Every winter, Eli's mom, aunties, uncles and cousins make piles and piles of lefse on big griddles using lefse sticks to flip the round soft bread.


Eli's uncle Peter makes the lefse sticks in his wood shop. You can purchase Eli's uncle's hand crafted traditional lefse sticks and Eli's cat wall art at

Fine print ~ Eli does not make pet portraits and is unable to make any custom art.