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Eli's Grandpa

Eli grew up fishing in Alaska but her grandparents lived outside a teeny tiny town on a great big magical farm in Rosholt, South Dakota surrounded by cornfields, sunflowers and rainbows. There was a big beautiful barn too. This is where Eli's mom was born (not in the barn!). Eli's grandparents had 10 children. When Eli's mom was little they always had a milking cow and would make their own butter and ice cream and Grandma would sew all their clothes.

Eli Halpin Sheep

Getting to South Dakota from Alaska was long and expensive but every once in a while Eli got to visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins there. Eli's grandpa would take her to the pastures and into the barns to see the sheep being sheared. He also had pigs, a hunting dog and lots of farm cats.

Scandinavian Sheep by Eli Halpin

Eli's Grandpa started shearing sheep at age 16 after giving up on his dream of becoming a veterinarian because of the cost. He sheared 80 sheep on his 80th birthday, and his last when he was 89. 

Border Collie Sheep Herder by Eli Halpin
Sheep Duo Floral by Eli Halpin
Sheep on Lavender by Eli Halpin
Lamb On Olive Green by Eli Halpin
Sheep Flock
The Barn by Eli Halpin
Sheep paintings.png
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